Financial Assistance to Students

Some of the students pursuing studies in Engineering colleges/polytechnic come from poor Family. Some of them get admissions in Govt. Backward Class Hostel, however, some of them take education on their own. It is a matter of apprehension that due to poor financial position they may quit their studies. It is, therefore, necessary to give them financial assistance so that they can continue their studies, become successful Engineers of serving the society in future.

In order to fulfil this noble cause, BANAE has taken initiative and planned scheme of financial assistance. The Guidelines for students eligible for financial assistance are as below.

  1. Any student aspiring for Engg. Degree/Diploma shall be regular students & shall be eligible after passing previous year /semester or shall be at least promoted to next /semester.
  2. The income of family shall be the same as applicable for GOI Scholarship.
  3. The selected students shall be enrolled as a student member of BANAE and after passing Degree/Diploma they should enrol as LM of BANAE.
  4. The Assistance is refundable and payable after he gets service & a bond to that effect is executed.
  5. The Assistance shall be deposited through cheque / ECS.

To select the students who have applied for financial assistance a Select Committee has been formed by BANAE Executive Committee Nagpur Branch as below.

1) Er. V. W. Patil
2) Er. D. N. Janrode
3) Er. V. S. Narnaware
4) Er. Dr. Borghae

BANAE Nagpur has so far given student aid to 92 students amounting to Rs. 38 lakhs. The list of students is published in the current update – information section of this Website / Facebook.